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My Personal Running Tips for Beginners

Running is one of the common fitness resolutions that people get into but most are never prepared adequately to its demand and they eventually end up being overwhelmed. It is important that you get prepared both physically and mentally so as to enable you endure the demands that come with running especially for beginners. In order for you to get started more easily, I’ll present you my top running tips for beginners!

Running Tip #1 – The Right Running Gear

The first important thing is that you need to have the right gear for running. You should get the correct foot wear that is proper for your foot type in your running store. The staff there should be able to help you analyze your foot gait to determine your foot strike pattern. You should also get some socks, shorts and shirts or tops that are made of appropriate fabric that will be comfortable in running. Choose fabrics that are natural or synthetic like polyester. Try to avoid 100% cotton fabric as it retains sweat that will cause irritation.

Running Tip #2 – “The Plan”

You should plan yourself on how and when you will run. Having a plan will enable you to get organized and there are various ways you can get assistance. You can inquire about beginning running plans from a nearby running instructor in your area. You can also go online or nearby running store where you will be able to get a plan. The plan may include running slowly so as not to overwhelm yourself or running for few minutes and alternating with a few minutes of walk.

You should be starting now to feel the effects of the running like tired and drained and temptations of giving up are high. You body fitness level tends to decrease. You should expect this as your body tends to take time to acclimatize to the running exercise. You should keep on with to exercising as your body will soon get used to this activity.

Running Tip #3 – Nutrition

It is important that you eat well early enough so as that the food can be digested and absorbed in the body before running. Not eating or eating little will cause you to feel fatigue and labored and you will experience muscle fatigue. Also eating too early might cause you some stomach problems when running. Take carbohydrates that contain about 300 calories and little proteins. You will also need to get well hydrated at about 2 hours before running. This will give you time for the fluid to get absorbed in your system. While running it is also important to drink energy drink to replenish electrolytes lost while running. Before running it is important that you stretch your body by doing some simple jogging or walking for some few minutes.

I hope these running tips for beginners will help you to get started and lead a more fit and healthy life!