Month: September 2015

5 Most Common Running Injuries And How To Avoid Them

Truth be told, running can in a myriad of ways be life changing. Running can be an almost-instant stress buster, a chance to impress yourself or even a proven way to bring down the level of calories in your system. However, running also comes with its own share of issues; according to a recent research, half of all the runners will get injured. Sadly, although a number of running injuries can be avoided, they are inevitable. To keep you on the loop, here are the most common running injuries and how to avoid.

Muscle Pull

Also known as muscle strain, this is possibly one of the most common running injuries. It is a small tear in your muscle often caused by over stretching a muscle. Many at times, when you pull your muscle, you may feel a popping or instant sensation when the muscle tears. To prevent this kind of injury; make sure you do proper and adequate warm –up as well as, dynamic stretching pre-work. Read more about muscle strains here.

Stress fracture

Normally affecting runners in the shin and feet, stress fracture is basically a small crack on the bone. It can really get painful and cause a lot of discomforts with activity; however, it tends to improve with rest. It normally happens when you work too hard before your body actually gets used to a new activity. Enough rest is highly recommended as continued stress on the bone can lead to more and serious injury.

Patellar tendinitis

Also referred to as jumper’s knee, this kind of injury is common among long distance runners. It is a small tear in the patellar tendon which connects the shinbone and the knee cap. From a number of studies; over-training, overpronation and too many hill repeats are some of the biggest causes of this problem. If you are along distance runner, doctors usually recommend some sort of physical therapy to aid soothe and strengthen the tendon.


Probably one of the most annoying running injuries, blisters can just pop up when you least expected it. They are normally caused by that constant rub between your skin and the shoe; the top layer of your skin tears leaving behind a bubble between the layers of skin. The best way to prevent blisters is by making sure the shoe you wear is comfortable and fits. The material of your wear must also be right. For more information read my article about how to prevent blisters while running.

Ankle sprain

This is an outward roll of the ankle causing the ligament to over stretching leading to a series of pains. Although, recovery may be a little bit tricky at first, experts recommend doing balance exercise to strengthen the muscles.